Thursday, February 3, 2011

Womack & Womack - Teardrops

This time we are going to 1988.

Hard to notice at first: The echo effect (that you can clearly distinguish after some lines) and the soul tune of the keyboard... Altogether they make words spread connotations in my mind. Sometimes I remember of a long gone smiling face, some other time, a dinner by seaside with friends. Mostly the second one thanks to the video where sunlight and friendly ambiance is just impressive. But the feeling is the same: nostalgia.

Similarly, lyrics suggest that the woman (Linda Womack) kept crying in different tunes although she danced just to forget the sorrow. She's so sad about losing her beloved one after "she took a chance" that she reassures she'll be honest ("true") next time.

By the way, interesting: In this song, I've seen the only instrumental solo that plays only two different tunes. However, it's a good waving effect on the feelings, as they swing between happiness due to good memories and sadness of losing those memories.

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