Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wandering in the streets: Supertramp

Born in 60s, shining from 70s up to now.. Supertramp is without doubt onE of the most popular progressive rock - pop bands of the recent years. Some of their vastly popular songs are 'Breakfast in America' and 'Logical Song'.

Ok, they're not as hardcore, not as typical of progressive rock.. but still, their melancholic sound with a joyful touch of keyboard and saxophone/flute/clarinet is carried beyond the limit of ordinary thanks to the voices of Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson. The two pals have a marvellous duet towards the end of the piece called 'Rudy'.

Dougie Thompson, Hodgson, John Helliwell, Davies, Bob Siebenberg.

Their songs sound to me like a melancholic departure, a fresh start after 'everything' that happened ('Take The Long Way Home').
For them, life goes on in spite of all the break-ups. Just snap your fingers and listen to the powerful guitar solo in 'Goodbye Stranger'.

Supertramp by utku lutek on Grooveshark

See on each member's face his contribution to Supertramp's music:

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hypo said...

ilk yurt dışından aldığım kasettir;breakfast ın america.
belgrad'dan almıştım.
daha yugoslavya dağılmamış, türkiye'de en son çıkan albümlerin, geliş yılı 2 seneyi geçer durumlardı.
hala saklarım o kasedi)