Wednesday, August 17, 2011

War Photography

Perhaps, it is not the best day to write, especially about war.

Turkey has been hit by another attack, last of the many in the past couple of months. Depressingly enough, I cannot count the number of attacks any more or how many have died in total.

Just because all the papers gave the news in the headlines I know that 12 more have passed away.

12 – Just a number for most of us, means a lot more today for those who felt the pain in their deepest souls.

We will never, and hopefully never ever, truly understand the real brutal nature of war. Unless experienced, the stories told by one to another remain simply as stories. War photography tries to fill the gap between the story and the reality. Capturing the right moment gets beyond the technical skills during combat.

I will leave you with some famous images, with a naïve wish that war photography will one day vanish in dust and water.

Nick Ut, Vietnam War (1972) 
Nick Ut, Vietnam War (1972) 

Don McCullin, Shaped by War (1964)

War Photography

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