Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Frozen Music

“For me, it’s hard to work with colors. They don’t speak to me. They don’t have a real meaning to me. What excites me is very minimalistic landscape, a very surreal-like landscape. I like to create a zen-like feeling, very surrealistic atmosphere and mood. What I’m aiming for is art. I’m not interested in the world as it is. I’m not interested in what the camera can record. I’m just interested in what I see. Once you visualize the image that you have in your head and convey it to the world, then it becomes art.”

The very own words of Joel Tjintjelaar, a Holland based photographer genuinely interested in long exposure black and white photography. He uses techniques that allow him to create the art in his mind. Photography is often thought as a frozen moment of cinema, however Tjintjelaar transforms this common perception into something more profound. After extensive exposure times, the images turn out with a sense of calmness and balance; elegant and surreal, like frozen music.

Joel Tjintjelaar, Vanishing I (2010)

Joel Tjintjelaar, Crystal Pier (2010)

Joel Tjintjelaar, Zenith (2010)

Joel Tjintjelaar, Frozen Music IV (2010)

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