Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am not a rhinoceros, I'm sorry


It is simple and ordinary, therefore omnipresent; therefore powerful, tender and like a mother; but definitely not boring.

There is no life without water. Those huge masses of rock you see in the sky are explored for water, not for life. See, water implies life.

A water molecule is composed of two atoms of hydrogen (fuel) and one of oxygen (oxidant). These two are ment to combust, while their unity kills fire. Such a harmonic and cyclic relationship.. Simplicity of chaos.. Or, two parts of a whole, completing each other and killing each other.. What a love story..

There are times in life that we tend to question our love for our beloved ones. Love may seem a fruitless effort to satisfy one's self. What if it is the molecular bond between oxygen and hydrogen that creates the fire at the same time?

Fire may be destructive; but the promotor of life on our mother planet is a big ball of fire.

And our prayers go for rains when we need to crop food from fields..

Again, water..

I imagine the rhythm of these songs as the sound of rain in spring. Under a big, green tree and my eyes contribute to the rain

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